Where Does My Snack Come From?

To the tune of “My blackbird has lost its beak", discover this fun nursery rhyme about snacks and where foods come from (French only). Students can have fun performing simple movements while singing! A video of the nursery rhyme, sung and mimed by a child, is provided!

Vidéo D'où vient ma collation?

Required resources

If you want to show the video to your group, you’ll need:

  • Speakers connected to your computer
  • An IWB or a projector connected to your computer

Cool down

Revisit the following questions:

  • What are your favourite nutritious snacks?
    • Possible answers: fruit, vegetables, cheese, yogurt, milk, etc.
  • Where does your favourite snack come from?
    • Possible answers: cheese is made with milk; apples grow on trees; berries grow on bushes; carrots grow in the ground, etc.

For the time being, this video is only available in French.

To find out what the Learning Goals, Educational Aim and Focus of Development of this resource are, visit the Let's Talk About School Snacks program page.

Comptine D'où vient ma collation?

Comptine D'où vient ma collation?
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2 min

Tips from our team!

Discovering healthy eating doesn’t mean learning that there are “good” foods and “bad” foods. It means discovering different foods and developing a sense of taste in a fun and enjoyable way!

Help children develop healthy eating habits through positive experiences. This entails talking about food in a positive way and focusing on nutritious foods. When talking about less nutritious foods, avoid labelling them in a negative way (e.g., junk food, crap, garbage )!