Feeding Children Ages 1 to 5

This free brochure provides information to help children ages 1 to 5 develop healthy eating habits.

Cover of the resource
Cover of the resource

A variety of tips!

Eating habits developed during early childhood can influence a child’s diet for a lifetime.

This brochure provides information and practical tips to help you develop healthy eating habits in little ones. Please note that this new version is based on the 2019 Canada’s Food Guide.

The brochure answers several questions about meals and snacks, such as:

  • How many servings should I offer?
  • Which foods and beverages are nutritious?
  • When are the best times to eat?
  • How do you prepare foods in a safe manner?
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The team of Registered Dietitians at Dairy Farmers of Canada would like to thank the following people for reviewing the content of this brochure:

  • Eve-Marie Bédard, Registered Dietitian, CHU de Québec – Université Laval (CHUL)
  • Julie Deschamps, Registered Dietitian, Fondation OLO
  • Mylène Duplessis Brochu, Registered Dietitian, Fondation OLO
  • Manon Bouchard, Registered Dietitian, CHU Sainte-Justine
  • Philippe Grand, Registered Dietitian, Association québécoise des centres de la petite enfance
  • Stéphanie Benoit, Registered Dietitian, CHU Sainte-Justine


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