Five videos to discover Canada’s Food Guide

Watch these educational and interactive videos with your child to discover the key takeaways from Canada’s Food Guide. They can serve as a starting point for discussions on the subject.
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The Balanced Plate from Canada’s Food Guide

The balanced plate from Canada’s Food Guide (CFG) helps Canadians choose foods that enable their bodies to function at their best. The balanced plate from CFG features three food categories: vegetables and fruits, whole-grain foods and protein foods. Watch this video to discover them with your child! 

Hunger and Fullness

The ability to determine the amount of food the body needs is innate. It is essential that children maintain this ability to recognize these signals and listen to their bodies. Respecting hunger and fullness signals helps build a healthy relationship with food. This video is ideal for explaining this abstract concept in a simple and fun way! 

Taking the Time to Eat

Eating too quickly can make you feel like there is a rock in your stomach and your belly is suddenly full. Conversely, taking your time and chewing your food properly makes it easier to listen to your hunger and fullness signals and really enjoy your meal. Use this video to discuss these concepts and have fun discovering how to eat more slowly with your child! 

Enjoying Food

The tongue is covered with taste buds that allow you to taste the food you eat. However, they need time to identify each flavour. Encouraging children to chew their food properly promotes the development of taste, the acceptance of textures and the discovery of a world of flavours. This video will help you illustrate the importance of savouring every bite!

The Joy of Cooking

Cooking is fun, but it has many other benefits too! Doing a recipe is always an opportunity for children to develop their autonomy and acquire cooking skills that they will use throughout their lives! And it’s a great way to spend quality time together as a family. In this video, cooking is presented as a fun activity that lets you be creative. Watch it with your child to inspire him!


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Canada's Food Guide

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