Let's talk about body image

This French online program provides resources to raise students awareness of the factors that can influence their body image: their own thoughts, values, and feelings, the messages they get from their environment, and the representations of beauty around them.

Children of different body types
Children of different body types

This program is currently only available in French.

The package includes a variety of activities to help you talk about body image and body diversity from different angles and help students think critically about this topic

It includes:

  • A short video to play for students about different topics related to body image;
  • An online game related to body image that can be played as a large group on the interactive whiteboard or individually on tablets or computers;
  • A quick printable activity where students do a crossword puzzle with words related to body image and create artwork that represents their tastes and abilities;
  • An “ultimate Frisbee” game where children learn to describe themselves or their friends by naming a quality, talent, or preference of the person who threw them the Frisbee;
  • A simple and original cooking activity: sushi made with tortilla bread.

Learning goal of these resources

Name positive aspects related to self-esteem

Educational aim

To ensure that students adopt a self-monitoring procedure concerning the development of good living habits related to health.

Focus of development

Self-awareness and awareness of his/her basic needs: physical needs; safety; need for acceptance and growth; need for recognition and fulfillment.


Good to know...

Healthy eating is wrongly associated with appearance and weight. By deconstructing these concepts and associating healthy eating with enjoyment and well-being, educators can help children develop a positive body image and a healthy relationship with food. Ask for free workshop for your school’s staff.


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Tips from our team!

Children are sponges: they absorb a lot of what they see and hear around them. As adults, we need to be careful about what we say and also what students say to each other—adopt a zero tolerance policy for comments about people’s appearance or weight!

Emphasizing children’s abilities rather than their appearance helps them develop higher self-esteem and have a positive body image. Remember to highlight students’ social skills, their athletic, artistic, or academic talents, and any positive behaviour they exhibit!

Did you know...

3 the age at which some children start to worry about their figure
9 the age at which 1 out of 3 girls has already tried to lose weight
5 broad areas of learning can be touched on through food activities