Tips for parents for cooking together as a family

Discover tips to get young children cooking, while having fun as a family.
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Trucs de parents… pour cuisiner en famille

For the time being, this video is only available in French.

Harness children’s natural curiosity!

Preschoolers are always curious about what adults are doing and want to imitate them. Parents can harness this natural curiosity to get them to help cook. Children can learn a lot from this activity, including:

  • Discovering foods and where they come from
  • Piquing their interest in cooking
  • Developing their cooking skills
  • Associating healthy eating with having fun
  • Feeling proud about helping to make a recipe
  • Wanting to taste what they’ve made with their parents

Even with young children who haven't turned one yet, you can still get them interested in foods and how they’re prepared… Learn how by watching this video by the Fondation OLO in collaboration with the team of Registered Dietitians at Dairy Farmers of Canada.


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Food skills

Tips from our team!

While you’re preparing a meal, take the opportunity to explain to kids where the foods you’re cooking with come from.

Why not bring them with you to the grocery store? That way they can discover a wide variety of foods!