Twenty illustrated cooking techniques

A picture is worth a thousand words!
Help children develop their cooking skills with these illustrations and animations of cooking techniques designed just for them.
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Cooking techniques to facilitate cooking activities with children.

Easier and more active cooking activities!

These cooking technique illustrations, developed in partnership with the Centre de services scolaire de Montréal and Les ateliers cinq épices, are designed to facilitate making recipes with children using visual aids that encourage young chefs to learn and make learning to cook more engaging and enriching.

The illustrations depict basic cooking techniques, making them perfect for introducing children to cooking.

Hand-washing technique

Measuring techniques

  • Measuring dry ingredients with a measuring cup
  • Measuring dry ingredients with a measuring spoon
  • Measuring wet ingredients with a measuring cup
  • Measuring liquid ingredients with a measuring cup

Mixing techniques

  • Mixing ingredients with a metal spoon
  • Mixing ingredients with a wooden spoon
  • Whisking
  • Scraping with a spatula

Cutting techniques

  • Chopping using the “tunnel” technique
  • Cutting using the “cat’s paw” technique
  • Snipping herbs with scissors
  • Grating cheese
  • Peeling with a peeler

Basic food prep techniques

  • Washing foods
  • Spreading a topping
  • Rolling a tortilla
  • Cracking an egg
  • Portioning
  • Transferring food into a bowl
  • Squeezing citrus fruit
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