The Wonder Woods (2019)

Have fun with your little ones discovering the poster, plus the game and activity leaflet that go with it, in this enchanted forest.

Poster 2019_The Wonder Woods

Enter an enchanting imaginary world

Meet the fun characters who are getting ready for the Summer Festival feast! With the children, discover foods and learn more about where they come from.

In addition to the poster, you’ll find a variety of activities in the leaflet to help your little ones discover foods. On the menu: stories to read every day, a nursery rhyme, a cooking activity and a board game on the back of the poster for a double dose of activities and fun!

Who can get this tool?

The tool is designed for : 

  • Early childhood education services—that is, early childcare centres (CPEs), daycares, coordinating offices, and home childcare services in Quebec.
  • Preschool teachers—who teach kindergarteners aged 4 and 5.

Each setting must place its own order online. The following quantities will be sent:

  • 3 copies per early childcare centre or daycare
  • 1 copy per home childcare service or per coordinating office
  • 1 copy per preschool teacher

You can also download the resources.

Download this 2019 edition

pdf icon French October, 2019 pdf (3.17 MB)
Feuillet d'activités
pdf icon French November, 2019 pdf (2.97 MB)
pdf icon English November, 2019 pdf (3.19 MB)
Planche de jeu
pdf icon French October, 2019 pdf (1.12 MB)
Game board
pdf icon English October, 2019 pdf (1.12 MB)
Pions de jeu/Game pieces
pdf icon French November, 2019 pdf (261.65 KB)
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Recipe Parfait
"The Perfect Parfait" : recipe included in the leaflet

A new interactive game

Discover The Wonder Woods interactive game (in French only). You can play it on an interactive whiteboard, tablet, computer or smartphone.

Have your students help Ninon and her friends get ready for the Forest Fiesta!


Multi level

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