The Wonder Woods : an interactive game

Discover a free educational game about healthy eating that you can use on an interactive whiteboard.
Have your students help Ninon and her friends get ready for the Summer Festival feast!
(French only)

Find where certain foods come from
Find where certain foods come from

Discover a fun educational tool designed for preschoolers

With your students, enter the imaginary world of The Wonder Woods! The forest friends are busy organizing the Summer Festival, which is just around the corner. Have your students help them get ready.

Play the following two games with them (French only) :

  • Find the foods: help Ninon put the foods in the right baskets, based on where they come from!
  • Make a recipe: three-ingredient recipes need to be made for the Summer Festival. Help Ninon match each ingredient with the right recipe!

This game is not compatible with the Internet Explorer web browser. Launch it on another browser (eg Google Chrome).

The Wonder Woods : an Interactive Game
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Suggestions from our team

Interested in the topic of healthy eating? Invite a registered dietitian from our team to host a workshop with your school team! She will meet with you for free to talk about healthy eating and suggest additional activities.

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