The Wonder Woods : two interactive games

Discover two free educational games about healthy eating that you can use on an interactive whiteboard, computer or tablet. Games are designed for early childhood (children aged 4 to 5) and preschool settings.
(French only)

Find where certain foods come from

Games as fun as educational!

With the children, enter the imaginary world of The Wonder Woods! The forest friends are busy organizing the Summer Festival, which is just around the corner. Have the children help them get ready.

Play the following two games with them (French only) :

Find the foods

Make a recipe

The games meet some of the pedagogical objectives of the various educational programs.

The Wonder Woods : Interactive Games
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A poster is also available to early childhood and preschool settings. With the poster, a variety of activities are proposed: a board game, stories, a nursery rhyme and cooking activities.

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Interested in the topic of healthy eating? Invite a registered dietitian from our team to host a workshop with your school team!