What my family eats in a week


I love all mini things, and if you’ve been following our journey for a while, you know I adore tiny food! But in all seriousness, what’s better than these super cute mini pancake bowls? It never fails to bring a smile to everyone’s face (just trust me when I say that everything tastes better when it’s mini!).

By Maca Atencio, Collaborator Maca Atencio

Maca is the creative director, and fashion-forward founder of the online style destination, HeyMaca! Using her various platforms, Maca shares sweet moments about motherhood, food, fashion, and travel. When she’s not running after her little ones, she’s on the lookout for all things pastel!

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What my family eats in a week - Maca Antencio

As a kitchen lover, serious foodie, and mama of two, eating well at home requires two little things: planning and lots of creativity! So today, I’ll walk you through all about our love of bringing the farm to our table.

Our weekly essentials 

When planning our meals, I try to include a balance of quality carbs, dairy, good fats, protein and lots of fresh veggies to ensure a variety of essential nutrients for my family. 

What we eat in a week will vary each season depending on what local, seasonal, and fresh produce we find in Montreal at our favourite farmers’ market. One thing is for sure though, when you have kiddos at home, you know the importance of including nutritious milk products as part of their regular diet.

Only good products 

Did you know that Canadian milk standards are among the highest in the world? Yes! So proud of it! 

We are extremely lucky to have Canadian dairy to comfort us including milk, a variety of delicious cheeses, butter, yogurt, and ice cream all made in our terroir. Plus it’s packed with protein and calcium to help with good bone health.

Try new recipes every week 

Our morning meals are typically the same from one day to the next with either homemade smoothies or a mini cereal bowl with a side of fresh fruit for the kids, and a ricotta toast with eggs for the adults. 

But I always like to keep my family guessing for lunch and dinner! From Florentine quiche, to chicken burgers with a green salad and our famous cumin-cilantro dressing, to burrito bowls, and even air-fried chicken with sweet potato fries, the secret to keeping everyone happy is eating a rainbow every day! 

Involve your kids in the kitchen process

Since Olivia turned four, she has been my kitchen partner and the best sous-chef I could’ve asked for! We’ve been sharing these special moments together in the kitchen, where I let her play, cook, eat, and even sometimes, I’ll ask her what special ingredients she’d love to add and try! 

Involving your kids while you cook creates such a special bond. I encourage you to try it as well, no matter the mess!

For me, keeping my family healthy, happy, and filled with love at home is as simple as keeping their bellies full with nutritious and yummy foods!