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Mindful eating: Let your body guide you

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Explore simple ways to tune in to what your body is telling you, and see how mindful eating practices can help you find a healthier and more balanced lifestyle.

9 quick tips to help you win at meal planning

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Since healthy eating habits and home-cooked meals go hand-in-hand, a little planning can go a long way to make eating well (at home) a reality. Here are 9 simple tips to help get you started.

A daily dose of vitamin D

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Unfortunately, many Canadians aren’t getting their recommended daily requirement of vitamin D. So to help you out, here are ways you can get more vitamin D in your diet!

Yogurt: Get in on a good thing

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Yogurt is more than just a satisfying snack. Recent research points to some interesting potential health benefits.

Squash Mozza-ghetti

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As fun to eat as it is to say. This is a delicious way to include a healthy dose of vegetable goodness in a dinner that makes leftovers taste even better the next day.

Minestrone Soup Made Easy

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This minestrone is one of those healthy, complete meal soups. Updated to include super greens like spinach and kale, you’ll feel great after eating it.

Dreamy drinks for latte lovers

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Be your own personal home barista and whip up a few of these creamy, cozy lattes in the comfort of your own home.