Our Nutrition Team

Meet our team of registered dietitians and learn about our nutrition philosophy and strategic vision.

The Team of Registered Dietitians from Dairy Farmers of Canada, Alberta has the following strategic vision: To empower educators to deliver meaningful nutrition education which positively impacts the lives of their students.

Alberta Teach Nutrition Team

Mrs. Cindy Thorvaldson, Assistant Director, Nutrition image of Cindy Thorvaldson

Cindy is passionate about helping teachers understand the impact of nutrition education and the importance of creating a positive food environment. She wants teachers to have access to effective nutrition education programs that are easy to implement and enticing to their students.  Cindy is the Assistant Director of Nutrition for Alberta.

Mrs. Lindsay Buchanan, Project Manager, Nutrition image of Lindsay Buchanan

As a passionate educator, Lindsay sparks enjoyment and curiosity about food through workshops and resources. Inspired by her work with schools, Lindsay completed a Master of Education focused on curriculum development in health education. Lindsay is a Project Manager in Nutrition, managing preschool and school programs for Alberta. 

Mrs. Lee Finell, Manager Health Education, Nutrition image of Lee Finell

Lee is passionate about the  role nutrition plays in children's health. She believes that the key to reducing lifestyle-related chronic diseases is a healthy diet, and the ideal place to deliver to deliver nutrition programs and resources is in schools. Lee has a Master's Degree in Health Services.