Build Your Own Lunch Activity

At this age, students are ready to start sorting foods using Canada’s Food Guide categories. The Build Your Own Lunch activity helps students create a simple and tasty lunch with foods they like to eat.

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What is included in this downloadable activity?

1. Build Your Own Lunch student worksheet

2. Teacher answer key with tips on how to introduce Canada’s Food Guide and talk about factors that influence students’ food choices.

How this activity helps students learn about and apply Canada’s Food Guide

No single food or type of food can provide us with everything we need. When children eat a variety of foods, they are more likely to get the nutrition their growing bodies and minds need. The Build Your Own Lunch activity encourages students to include foods they like to eat from each category in the Food Guide to create a good tasting and nourishing lunch. Encouraging students to focus on foods they enjoy eating helps students build positive connections between Canada’s Food Guide and their own world.

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These resources were designed with leaders in nutrition and education to help students learn to plan their own simple, tasty lunches:


Elementary 4-6
Canada's Food Guide
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