Food Adventures with Felix the Farmer

Felix the Farmer makes learning about nutrition and where food comes from fun. Use the poster, flash cards and activity pamphlet to create exciting and interactive lessons for your students.

Children's poster with landscapes and food
Children's poster with food and landscape images

This brand new resource makes teaching about nutrition and where food comes from easy for  Kindergarten and Grade One teachers. The poster helps teachers meet curriculum outcomes for Health, Science and English Language Arts. A set of 75 flashcards  included with the poster helps teach about different foods, farm activities and colours. Lastly, an educational pamphlet includes:

  • a story related to the images in poster
  • an activity about where food comes from
  • an arts and crafts recycling activity
  • a  smoothie recipe to make with the class or send home
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Grade 1
Food origins
Healthy eating

Remember to plan cross-curricular activities using the poster and flash cards!

Use the pamphlet and poster for inspiration to create your own activities.