Series of stories for children

Spark the imagination of children ages 1 to 5 by reading them stories written specifically for early childhood educational settings. These free activities will allow them to discover the world of food in a fun and captivating way!
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Series of stories to read to children

An activity to talk about food with children

All the stories discuss, through an imaginary world, the subject of healthy eating by focusing on discovery, careers, where foods come from or the five senses. By reading these stories to children, you will help them develop healthy eating habits!

Our first series of stories follows the adventures of Pat the centipede, who wants to throw a surprise party for his friend Marion the butterfly. So he sets off to find food to make a picnic. Each chapter features a different food. 

All the stories include: 

  • Illustrations
  • Suggested questions to support the cognitive, language, emotional and social areas of development
  • Printable stick puppets to animate the reading 
  • A verse to sing


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