A collection of activities to talk about the human body

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Looking for innovative and interactive educational activities to discuss food and the human body with your students? Look no further! You’ll find everything you need right here.
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By DFC - PLC, Nutrition Team
Image des activités sur l'alimentation et le corps humain


  • A different topic tailored to each grade level
  • A fun and educational video for your students
  • A variety of activities to consolidate what students have learned
  • A companion guide for teachers explaining how to use the material to its full potential

The resources were designed in collaboration with preschool as well as elementary cycles 1, 2 and 3 teachers. Each resource meets the pedagogical objectives of the Québec Education Program, particularly for the Health and Well-Being broad area of learning as well as for the Languages, Arts Education, and Mathematics, Science and Technology subject areas.

Preschool education

Explore where the human body gets its energy from.

Food: A Source of Energy for the Human Body

Elementary – Cycle 1

Discover the importance of hydration for the human body as well as hydrating beverages and foods.

Hydration: Essential to the Human Body

Elementary – Cycle 2

Examine the superpowers of nutrients.

Carbohydrates, Fats and Proteins: Vital to the Human Body

Elementary – Cycle 3

Navigate through the various systems of the human body to discover vitamins and minerals essential to its proper functioning.

Vitamins and Minerals: Allies of the Human Body


Multi level
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