How Agricultural Technology Helps Cows Thrive

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Take a look at how Canadian dairy farmers are working with technology to keep their cows comfortable and healthy.

By DFC - PLC, Communications Team


  • Smart technology is used to track the health of cows.
  • Dairy farmers install technology to improve the mood of the herd.
  • Cows are fed the best diet for producing quality Canadian milk.

Smart technology and data play important roles on modern dairy farms. And while these new tools of the trade are helping to optimize the production of Canadian milk, technology is also meant to help dairy farmers fulfill another purpose: improve the well-being of their cows.

Technology and compassion

While it’s true that Canadian dairy farmers are using technology to optimize the production of milk, they also are caretakers of their cows—and they take that role very seriously. Canadian dairy farmers are committed to the advanced care of their herds, adopting technology like cow health trackers, cow pedometers, so they are able to detect illness and injury much sooner.


Canadian dairy farmer in the barn with her cows
“Once [a cow] has gone to the milking robot, I can have her full readings, including the quantity of milk she’s produced, the temperature of her milk, and her somatic cell count – all of which can indicate to me that she’s all good or that she may be coming down with something,” explains Ana-Maria Martin of Lorami Farm.

Technology and comfort

When you are part of a team that produces something so precious as Canadian milk, it is important that all team members are comfortable. Dairy farmers take into consideration everything from the herd’s hygiene to environment when deciding their technology needs. Many Canadian dairy farmers like Peter Strebel of Strebel & Sons Farm have upgraded their barns with technology to optimize the living conditions of the cows. Every little detail is being automated and closely monitored, such as lighting and ventilation, so that the cows are comfortable.


Two dairy farmers walk by and inspect dairy cows in a barn
“It's really important to be calm with the animals and offer them all the comfort possible because I'm comfortable working in an environment where the animals are comfortable too,” says Alexandre G. Vincent from Vinbert Farm.

Technology and diet

Technology is helping dairy farmers gain the knowledge to produce the highest quality milk for all Canadians. And this starts with making sure that their herd is receiving the best nutrition possible. Some farmers believe that the performance of their herd is tied to the quality of their diet. Farmers are using data, veterinary oversight, and scientifically supported studies to make sure they are providing their cows with the highest nutritional value so they can perform at their best. Milking robots will even serve up supplements that take the cow’s nutritional needs into consideration.


Two dairy cows feeding in a barn
“The cows’ diets are highly controlled and tracked, like you would monitor an athlete’s diet,” explains Peter Strebel from Strebel & Sons Farm

Technology is helping farmers stay informed about the needs of their cows, and react faster to any issues. Through smart technology and data, dairy farmers are able to keep their cows healthy and comfortable so they can produce quality Canadian milk.

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