Canadian yogurt

All about Yogurt

Perfect as-is or incorporated into an array of dishes, Canadian yogurt is as versatile as it is delectable. See how it can make your everyday delicious.

Yogurt, made from Canadian milk, is a true dairy delight. Yogurt in all of its forms is a delectable treat: by the spoonful, frozen, baked, smoothie’d, mixed with fruit, or even straight from the tube. One part dairy, one part chemistry – who would have thought that science could taste so good?

Learn more about where yogurt comes from, how it’s made, and what makes yogurt from Canadian milk so delicious. 

All kinds of Yogurt

  • stirred yogurt image
    Stirred yogurt

    Perfect to enjoy on its own or stirred into smoothies and desserts, this even-textured yogurt does the trick any time of day.

  • balkan yogurt image
    Balkan-style or set-style yogurt

    A warm cultured milk mixture is poured into containers and incubated without any further stirring, which gives this type of yogurt its characteristically thick texture.

  • greek yogurt image
    Greek yogurt

    A good source of protein, this thick and creamy yogurt is strained of any liquid whey or lactose. It’s a great breakfast option, as well as a tasty sour cream or mayonnaise alternative.

  • skyr yogurt image

    Made in the Icelandic style, skyr has a thick consistency similar to Greek yogurt, but a milder taste. 

  • probiotic yogurt image
    Probiotic yogurt

    In addition to regular yogurt’s bacterial cultures, probiotic yogurt has additional strains of good bacteria called probiotics, which contribute to a healthy gut flora. It has the same creamy taste as regular yogurt.

  • kefir yogurt image

    Thanks to the use of yeast fermentation, this snack contains probiotics and offers a slight zesty taste making it also a great addition to salad dressings and sauces.

  • drinkable yogurt image
    Drinkable yogurt

    Its thin texture makes this yogurt easy to drink. Often sweetened and flavoured, drinkable yogurt is a simple tasty snack that’s ideal when you’re pressed for time. 

  • frozen yogurt image
    Frozen yogurt

    This type of yogurt is frozen, and often sweetened and flavoured. Unlike most yogurt, it doesn’t contain live bacterial cultures because of the freezing process.

  • more yogurt image
    Lots more

    Whether you opt for light, fat-free, low fat, sugar-free, no sugar added, lactose-free, organic, or prebiotic yogurt, there’s a yummy Canadian yogurt option for every palate and lifestyle. 

How to make the most of it

Chocolate muffin
Get cooking

Yogurt adds the perfect level of creaminess to many dishes. For the best cooking and baking results, choose a yogurt that’s free of gelatin, artificial sweeteners, and thickeners.

Ice coffee
Morning jolt

Blend vanilla-flavoured yogurt, strong-brewed coffee, and ice cubes until slushy for a decadent iced café latte that rivals that of your local coffee shop.

Yogurt dip
Get in on a good tang

Swap mayonnaise for plain yogurt in veggie dips, tuna salad and dressing for a new tangy taste to please every crowd.

Indian curry
Around the world

From thickening curries to marinating meat, yogurt is a staple around the world. Why not tickle your taste buds with wonderful flavours like those found in Middle Eastern and Indian cuisine?

Yogurt bowl

It starts with Canadian milk

Fresh milk or cream is first pasteurized to eliminate bacteria and homogenized to maintain a smooth, creamy texture. The addition of lactic bacteria starters (cultures) begins the fermentation process.

Yogurt bowl

Getting cultured

After the addition of Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophiles bacteria, it’s kept at specific temperatures to stimulate bacteria activity.

Yogurt cup

In the thick of it

The bacteria then converts the lactose (the sugar naturally found in milk) to lactic acid, which thickens the milk and gives it that signature tangy yogurt taste.

Yogurt with fruits and nuts

All in good taste

The yogurt is then cooled down and flavoured. Finally, it’s ready to grace your grocery store dairy aisles and kitchens at home.

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