All about Cream

Whether stirred into coffee or added to sauce, cream adds that something special to your favourite foods. See how Canadian cream can elevate everyday cooking.

Sweet and savoury, rich and decadent, there's just no substitute for real 100% Canadian dairy cream. Pour it into your coffee, stir it into your sauces, whip it onto your desserts, and you'll be sure to taste the difference. Cream simply makes everything fluffier, smoother, and more delicious.

Read on to find out more about cream and milk – how it’s made, where it comes from, where it can be used, how it can be turned into butter, and what types of recipes it can be used in. They say that cream always rises to the top – and that’s because it’s naturally the best.  

All kinds of Cream

  • light cream image
    Light cream

    Perfect for everyday use, a splash of 5% or 6% light cream lends a luxurious touch to coffee, tea, and all kinds of recipes. 

  • half-half cream image

    As the name suggests, 10% cream which is also known as half-and-half uses equal parts milk and cream to enhance the richness of everything from fresh fruit to coffee to soup.

  • table cream image
    Table cream

    A delectable 15% or 18% milk and cream blend, this variety brings deliciously indulgent flavour that’s perfect for drizzling atop a warm slice of pie or fresh fruit.

  • whip cream image
    Whipping cream

    When whipped, this thick and pourable 33% or 35% cream gets a pillowy texture that’s an unbeatable addition to hot chocolate, desserts, and strawberries.

  • sour cream image
    Sour cream

    This savoury cream is fermented using lactic acid bacteria. Tart and tangy, sour cream works perfectly as a garnish for chili and nachos.

  • more cream image
    Lots more

    From cooking cream to country style, to rich and nutty crème fraîche, there’s a Canadian cream in your dairy aisle for every dish and desire.

How to make the most of it

Fluffier omelettes

Start your day by whipping a dollop of table cream into your eggs to achieve a perfectly delicious and puffier omelette. 

Soup with cream
Avoid freezing

Refrain from freezing cream so as to maintain its smooth and uniform consistency. Add cream to frozen soups and stews only after thawing and reheating. 

Waffles with cream
Sweeten the deal

Add maple syrup or liquid honey to whipped cream for a sweet twist on classic breakfast staples like pancakes, waffles, and French toast.

Milk in glass container

It starts with Canadian milk

When milk is freshly gathered, real cream is what naturally floats to the top. But before separating the two, the fresh milk must be pasteurized to ensure an adherence to strict quality and safety standards. 

Cream in glass container

Just the cream of the crop

A centrifugal machine separates the milk into two streams in order to extract the non-fat milk part from the cream (or milk fat), accelerating the natural separation process. That cream, which is called whole cream, typically contains around 35% fat.

Cream in glass container

All kinds of delicious

Milk is then re-introduced to the whole cream in varying amounts to produce the assortment you see in the dairy aisle.

Whipped cream dessert

Ready, set, enjoy

It’s then packed up and shipped off to the grocery store. 

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