Request for a Letter of Support from Dairy Farmers of Canada

Support for projects with no funding contribution involved from DFC.

Requirements for submitting a request for a letter of support from DFC with no funding contribution involved

•    The request must be received at least 4 weeks prior to the deadline date.

•    A clear summary (not more than 2 pages) of the program requirements, project description, partners and budget must be provided.

N.B.:  DFC will only consider support for projects that are national in scope and that clearly address DFC's National Dairy Research Strategy investment priorities and targeted outcomes, other DFC priorities, or emerging issues affecting/threatening the majority of Canadian dairy farmers and/or Canada's dairy production sector, or that propose a new opportunity/innovation that would be of great value to dairy farmers.

•    A brief description of the investigator(s) knowledge and experience in the area of research in question must be provided.

•    A draft letter of support, including a list of the benefits/reasons why the project would be of interest for the dairy industry, must be provided.

•    Upon request, more detailed information or a copy of the final full funding application should be shared with DFC.

•    The request (including required documents) must be sent by email to [email protected].