Research Funding Programs

Dairy Farmers of Canada manages and administers research programs on a cost-sharing basis in partnership with several organizations.

In collaboration with its members and partners, DFC invests in scientific research that focuses on the dairy sector’s priorities in the National Dairy Research Strategy. DFC is proud to fund independent, credible research that is subject to a rigorous scientific peer-review process by external experts. When eligible, DFC’s objective is to finance research through competitive, public programs to obtain matching funding contributions.

As per research agreements, DFC has no decision-making role in the conduct of the studies, data collection, and analysis or interpretation of the data. Researchers are independent in conducting their studies, own their data, and report the outcomes regardless of the results, including the decision to publish the findings.

Dairy Research Cluster

Led by DFC, in collaboration with Lactanet, Novalait and other partners, the Dairy Research Cluster supports national multidisciplinary research projects in dairy production and human nutrition and health through Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada’s (AAFC) AgriScience Clusters program.

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Nutrition Research Funding Program

DFC’s Nutrition Research Funding Program offers financial support for research projects on the role of dairy products in nutrition, health and sustainable diets.

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Led by Lactanet, in collaboration with major contributors (DFC, Holstein Canada and Semex Alliance) and other partners, DairyGen supports research in dairy cattle genetics improvement. 

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