Our board of directors

Representing Canadian dairy farmers from coast to coast and promoting their hard work is a wonderful honour for our board members. See how their personal histories are rooted in Canadian dairy and why producing the best possible milk holds a special place in their hearts.


Mr. Pierre Lampron


Pierre Lampron is President of Dairy Farmers of Canada and has been a dairy farmer since 1987, in Mauricie, Quebec.

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Pierre Lampron

Mr. David Wiens

Vice-President, MB

In July 2011, Mr. David Wiens was elected to the Executive Committee of Dairy Farmers of Canada.

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David Wiens

Mr. Marcel Blais

Director, QC

Marcel Blais

Mr. Denis Cyr

Director, NB

Denis Cyr

Mr. Gerrit Damsteegt

Director, NS

Gerrit Damsteegt

Mr. Albert Fledderus

Director, ON

Albert Fledderus

Mr. Daniel Gobeil

Director, QC

Daniel Gobeil

Mr. Mark Hamel

Director, Ontario

Mark Hamel

Mr. Gordon MacBeath

Director, PEI

image of Mr. Gord

Mr. Blaine McLeod

Director, SK

Blaine McLeod

Mr. Gert Schrijver

Director, AB

Gert Schrijver

Mr. Peter Strebel

Director, QC

image of peter

Mr. Lucas Strong

Director, NL

Lucas Strong

Mr. Dave Taylor

Director, BC

Dave Taylor

Mr. Korb Whale

Director, Lactanet

Korb Whale

Mr. Murray Sherk

Director, Ontario

Murray Sherk