Creating a valuable legacy for all Canadians

Our commitment to quality milk is at the heart of everything we do. It’s what brings us together as Canadian dairy farmers and inspires us to take great care in every aspect of our work.

Our commitments

Producing milk that is as perfect as can be is what drives us to raise healthy cows, protect our land and resources, and ensure every glass of milk is safe and free of antibiotic residue. Every day, we work hard to ensure Canadian dairy provides an enduring and valuable legacy for all Canadians.

Respecting rigorous standards is the Canadian way

In Canada, we produce milk in accordance to strict standards and regulations. You might think it makes our work more difficult, but we think it makes it all the more worthwhile.

A bottle of milk and freshly-poured glass, sitting on a table

Stringent standards

Ensuring Canadian milk stays free of antibiotics, free of artificial growth hormones, and meets all quality standards is how we provide the best possible milk. Explore what safe, top quality milk means to Canadian dairy farmers.

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Looking after the land for future generations

For many Canadian dairy farmers, the land they farm and live on has been inherited from previous generations. It’s land that they have been entrusted with, which is why protecting its resources and ensuring its viability for future generations is dear to their hearts.

Aerial view of solar panels on a Canadian dairy farm

Sustainability & Environment

Discover how Canadian dairy farmers are setting new precedents for responsible dairy farming by making use of the latest research and data, and implementing innovative ideas and technology.

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Taking care of our cows is how we take care of business

We know that healthy cows make the best milk. It’s the reason why we’re committed to providing the shelter, food, and care our animals need to lead long and healthy lives.

Farmer and dairy cow

Animal care

Tending to the herd is no easy work, but for Canadian dairy farmers, it’s a labour of love. See why animal care is a top priority for our farmers.

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Look for our logo - it's the 100% Canadian milk promise

We’re committed to delivering our best and proud to contribute to a thriving Canada. To display our dedication to animal care, the environment, and food safety, we created the Dairy Farmers of Canada Quality Milk logo. By choosing products that feature the logo, you can enjoy foods that are made with 100% Canadian milk and milk ingredients, and support responsible dairy farming. Just look for the logo. Together, we can contribute to a healthy and sustainable future for all Canadians.

The Dairy Farmers of Canada logo is a simple way to identify products made with 100% Canadian milk and dairy ingredients.
The Dairy Farmers of Canada logo is a simple way to identify products made with 100% Canadian milk and dairy ingredients.

What’s next?

Discover the proAction program

See how we measure the way Canadian dairy farmers put their commitments in action, from animal care to environmental sustainability.

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Look for our logo

You may have spotted our logo on your favourite dairy products. See why it’s important to support Canadian dairy and seek out this logo.

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Food safety

Canadian milk standards are among the highest in the world. Take a look beyond the carton and see how.

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