Baking Profiteroles with the Great Canadian Baking Show


Dougal Nolan (season 5 contestant of the Great Canadian Baking Show) and food expert Vijaya Selvaraju prepare delicious Chocolate Almond Profiteroles with high-quality 100% Canadian milk, butter and cream.

By DFC - PLC, Communications Team

The bakers on The Great Canadian Baking Show know that the secret to delicious profiteroles is Canadian dairy. See Dougal Nolan (season 5 contestant) and food expert Vijaya Selvaraju discuss what makes Canadian milk so good.

Profiteroles are a classic dessert that really are easy to make – yet look impressive. These Chocolate Almond Profiteroles are filled with a luscious, but lighter, cream filling capturing the fabulous combination of chocolate and almonds.

Look for the Blue Cow Logo

When you see the Dairy Farmers of Canada Blue Cow logo, it means you’re holding a product that’s made with 100% Canadian milk and milk ingredients and that meets some of the most stringent standards of quality and sustainability in the world.

You’re getting a quality product that supports Canadian farmers and local businesses, like cheesemakers and ice cream artisans. 

The Dairy Farmers of Canada Blue Cow Logo - Our certification of origin
The Dairy Farmers of Canada logo is a simple way to identify products made with 100% Canadian milk and dairy ingredients – and no antibiotics.