By DFC - PLC, Communications Team

Yes, there are regulations at the provincial levels and at the federal level. Farms are inspected at least every two years, according to provincial regulations in place. Moreover, as part of the industry-initiated proAction program, all dairy farms are also systematically assessed for key indicators of animal welfare and more. Then validators of this program visit each farm at least every two years to ensure all is in order, including farm records, Standard Operating Procedures and training of their staff and family members on animal handling. Farmers also work with veterinarians, ruminant nutritionists, classifiers, artificial insemination technicians, dairy herd improvement advisors, milking equipment specialists, and other advisors. A milk truck is on the farm to pick up milk every two days. Many professionals therefore have the opportunity to observe animal treatment on farms, and they have a moral and professional responsibility to report any incident of mistreatment, in accordance with regulations in place.