By DFC - PLC, Communications Team

Yes,  the results of milk tests show that farms from coast to coast perform better today than five years ago, which was better than five years prior to that, because scientific knowledge and technology help farmers continue to improve.

So how do we measure milk quality? Every time milk is picked up at the farm, a sample is taken. That is a minimum of 186 samples for each farm in a year. And farmers are keen to check out their results when they get them delivered to their phone every two days!

Farmers aim to provide the best milk possible, be eligible for milk quality awards and improve their product over time. A combination of programs, policies and regulations support this, as well as experts who help troubleshoot when needed to improve quality on the farm.  

Like numbers? Some of the indicators’ statistics tell that story of improvement in each province over time are published online for the world to see. The provincial averages show farmers maintain standards that are better than the established acceptable limits. (Note: different provinces may use different measurement methods, so it is not be advisable to do direct comparison between all provinces.)