By Karen P, Dairy farmer from Alberta

Karen, a dairy farmer from Alberta, answered: "Every farm in Canada is part of an environmental farm plan. Dairy farmers are concerned about the environment and we want to know that we are preserving our crops, our land and our environment for future generations to always be we have a farm plan and we work with other people who help us with good practices– an agronomist comes in to take soil samples, so make sure the nutrients in the soil stay in the soil and that we actually promote healthier soil and improving soil quality. We use cover crops as well as different crop rotations to make sure the nutrients are good and we have biodiversity in our fields and in our environment.

We do things like recycling – we have a water recycling system to reduce the amount of water we use and reduce our environmental impact. We look at ways we can reduce our carbon emissions and footprint because I have kids and I want this farm and the environment to be around for them and their kids and so forth."