#Canadiancomfort campaign returns

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Dairy, Poultry and Egg Farmers Promote Local Eating with Wholesome Delicious Summer Recipes

OTTAWA, August 9, 2021 – As Canadians re-open their doors to friends and family, the demand for cooking with homegrown foods remains high. Research shows that more and more of us want to support local agriculture – a trend that expanded last year with the pandemic and is likely to continue. From the dedication of Canada’s farmers to stringent production standards focused on animal care, food quality and sustainable practices, consumers recognize the value of food produced within our own borders.

To help Canadians get back into entertaining while still supporting local eating, Dairy Farmers of Canada, Chicken Farmers of Canada, Turkey Farmers of Canada, Egg Farmers of Canada and Canadian Hatching Egg Producers have teamed up once again to promote the value of high-quality, local agricultural products from right here at home. Building on the success of last December’s inaugural #CanadianComfort campaign, which aligned a growing appetite for feel-good, wholesome comfort food and a rise in home-cooking, two social media influencers – Andy Hay, an east-coast chef, recipe developer and content creator, and Max L’Affamé, a chef, food creator and cookbook author – will share some of their favourite summer recipes using local dairy, chicken, turkey and eggs.

The digital #CanadianComfort campaign will run for three weeks, beginning August 9, 2021, with fun and accessible seasonal recipes posted on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. The accompanying website (Canadiancomforts.ca) will host all featured recipes including those from December’s campaign. In support of our nation’s vibrant agricultural sectors, we encourage Canadians to participate in this initiative by buying local ingredients whenever possible and sharing their own culinary creations on social media using the hashtag #CanadianComfort.


“Canadian dairy farmers produce high-quality milk under some of the most stringent standards in the world, and we are proud to work once more with our supply managed partners to encourage consumers to continue supporting healthy, safe, local agriculture this summer.” – Pierre Lampron, President of Dairy Farmers of Canada

“Our farmers deliver on consumers’ expectations for excellence in quality, food safety, animal care, and sustainability. Farmers are proud to help Canadians, now and always, to find comfort, value, and nutrition in the products they choose for themselves and their families.” – Benoît Fontaine, Chair of Chicken Farmers of Canada

“Through this collaborative effort, we share the high-quality animal welfare and food safety standards in place on our farms. We are proud that Canadians can feel good about selecting our commodities and continue to think Canadian-raised for their recipe and meal decisions.”– Darren Ference, Chair of Turkey Farmers of Canada

“Egg farmers coast-to-coast take pride in providing Canadians with fresh, local high-quality eggs, year-round, every day. We’re delighted to be involved in this latest initiative which encourages Canadians to continue to purchase and cook with local food from Canadian farmers.”
– Roger Pelissero, Chair of Egg Farmers of Canada 

“Canadian Hatching Egg Producers are proud to join forces with our partners from the dairy, poultry and egg sectors to bring you comfort at home with recipes made from fresh, local, high-quality foods. Let’s support our farmers and agricultural industries provide stability to Canadian communities and local economies as they produce made-in-Canada foods.”– Brian Bilkes, Chair of Canadian Hatching Egg Producers  


About Dairy Farmers of Canada

Dairy Farmers of Canada, Chicken Farmers of Canada, Turkey Farmers of Canada, Egg Farmers of Canada and Canadian Hatching Egg Producers are the voice of farmers in Canada’s dairy, poultry and egg sectors. A stabilizing force in rural Canada and a part of Canada’s economic solution, these five supply-managed industries contribute $31 billion to the GDP and create more than 365,000 jobs for Canadians.

Dairy Farmers of Canada is the national organization representing 10,000 Canadian dairy producers, promoting the sustainability and healthy consumption of safe, high-quality Canadian dairy products.

Chicken Farmers of Canada is proud to be responsible for ensuring that our 2,800 farmers produce the right amount of the fresh, safe, high-quality chicken that Canadians trust.

Turkey Farmers of Canada represents over 520 turkey farmers who are pleased to be part of a sustainable turkey industry that ensures a healthy, year-round food choice for Canadians.

Egg Farmers of Canada represents Canada’s more than 1,200 egg farmers in all 10 provinces and the Northwest Territories who provide Canadians with a continuous supply of fresh, local, high-quality eggs.

Canadian Hatching Egg Producers is proud to be a leader in food safety and animal care, ensuring a steady supply of broiler hatching eggs to the Canadian chicken industry.

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