Canadian dairy farming with a startup mindset

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A new breed of entrepreneurs with a startup mindset are popping up in unlikely places. Instead of the open concept offices of Silicon Valley, disruption and innovation are happening on Canadian dairy farms.

By DFC - PLC, Communications Team


  • Dairy farmers are embracing technology and innovation.
  • Entrepreneurial spirit and creative problem solving are necessary tools.

Introducing farmtrepreneurs, passionate Canadian dairy farmers who are adopting the startup mindset and reinventing the dairy industry. Embracing technology and innovation, today’s new generation of farmers are bringing a fresh perspective to producing top quality milk.

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It’s very satisfying to accomplish what you’ve set out to do every day and to see the fruits of your labour. [Being a dairy farmer] is very much an entrepreneur’s work. You need to have a vision for your business. You have to see the bigger picture.
Marie-Pier Vincent, Silvercrest Farm

With agritech (technology in agriculture) evolving rapidly, the way dairy farms   operate is changing. Dairy farmers are charging forward with more tech-savvy staff to drive tractors with computers, operate high-tech equipment, and work alongside milking robots. The world is changing and a startup mindset is essential to keep pace.

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We saw a big difference in terms of labour. Just management overall is very different because you have so much more information coming that you can analyse and make management decisions with.
Gerhard Schirmacher, Frimag Farm
Gerhard cleans the cow bedding

A startup mindset is not solely about implementing cutting-edge technology to daily operations. Farmers need to think in terms of adaptability and agility. With the modernization of farming, there are bound to be new challenges, so there is no room for stale thinking. Creative problem solving are essential tools of the trade.

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Managing the stress and sort of being able to think on your feet and come up with new solutions to problems you maybe haven’t seen before – you have to be creative. Actually, I think that’s a really important part of it.
Stephanie Stott, Frimag Farm
Field landscape with a dairy farm in the distance

On startup farms the future looks bright. Farmers are optimistic about the industry and are taking the steps to make positive changes. From operations efficiencies to lowering their carbon footprint, farmers with a startup mindset are fully embracing the philosophy that there are always opportunities to learn and improve.

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You can’t just take a day off and say, “my head is elsewhere”. You can’t switch your brain to off mode.
Nicolas Mailloux, Mailloux et Fils Farm

In the end, farmers with startup mindsets are modernizing how we think about dairy farming by embracing change, adapting to new technology, all while remaining passionate and committed to producing the highest quality milk for all Canadians.

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