Canadian dairy farmers came together from coast to coast for Annual General Meeting in Quebec

News Release Quebec City

Dairy Farmers of Canada (DFC) had its Annual General Meeting (AGM) yesterday in Quebec’s beautiful capital, bringing together farmers from all regions of the country and industry stakeholders.

DFC President Pierre Lampron addressed the assembly, highlighting that the Canadian dairy industry is facing new challenges, including international trade and the questioning of the nutritious value of dairy products. “There is a compelling case for us, as dairy farmers, but also for the whole sector, to speak with one voice. This AGM presents a perfect opportunity for us to reaffirm the value of the dairy sector to our economy and our commitment to a healthy future for Canadians.”

He added: “Our industry has been carved out by international trade agreements like CETA and CPTPP. Now, Canadian dairy is in the sights of the US government in NAFTA renegotiations. We need to be vigilant.”

The Annual General Meeting also serves as an opportunity for stakeholders and farmers to discuss and learn about various factors affecting the viability and health of the dairy sector. Yesterday’s sessions tackled a few difficult topics, including discussions on farmers’ mental health and challenges to dairy consumption in the future. The CEO of Abacus Data, David Coletto, also brought his unique perspective on how millennials are impacting the dairy sector.

About Dairy Farmers of Canada

Dairy Farmers of Canada (DFC) is the national policy, lobbying and promotional organization representing Canada’s farmers. DFC strives to create stable conditions for the Canadian dairy sector, today and in the future. It works to maintain policies that foster the viability of Canadian dairy farming and promote dairy products and their health benefits.

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