Dairy farmers across Canada ask the PM not to sign USMCA until US oversight clause has been removed

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Canada’s sovereignty is at stake

In an open letter to the Prime Minister of Canada, dairy farmers warn the PM that the current US text of the United States Mexico and Canada Agreement (USMCA) still contains a provision that would grant the US oversight into the administration of the Canadian dairy system. This, farmers say, will undermine Canada’s sovereignty and the ability to manage the Canadian dairy industry without US intervention.

The open letter, signed by DFC’s president and chairs of all 10 provincial dairy associations, states that government officials had reassured dairy farmers following the signing of the USMCA and release of the US text that the issue of US oversight had not been agreed to by Canada, and would not be part of the final agreement. Farmers remain concerned that they have not yet seen a final text with the oversight clause excluded.

In the letter, farmers ask that the Prime Minister not sign the USMCA until the clause granting US oversight of the Canadian dairy system has been removed from the agreement. “This is a matter of Canadian sovereignty; Canada’s dairy farmers are counting on you to remain steadfast,” the letter concludes.

The open letter can be found here: https://www.dairyfarmers.ca/news-centre/news/policy/open-letter-to-prime-minister-justin-trudeau

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