What are Maxime Bernier’s real interests

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Statement by Pierre Lampron, President of Dairy Farmers of Canada

Maxime Bernier is confusing his own interests with the interests of the Canadian population. As confirmed by a Nanos Research poll published this week, Canadians have clearly expressed their support for agricultural producers and the system that they operate within, supply management.

History shows us that the Conservative party, like other political parties, has a long tradition of robust policy debates, but, in the end, the party speaks with one voice. Maxime Bernier’s voice clashed strongly with the voice of his party, of his Leader, and of Canadians.

In aligning with the demands from the US administration for the NAFTA negotiations by singling out our agricultural sector, Mr. Bernier is creating a breach in Canadian solidarity, solidarity that is crucial in reaching an equitable conclusion in the renegotiation of the agreement.

What are Maxime Bernier’s real interests?

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