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Impact of milk and yogurt on osteoporosis and obesity in young adults


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Project Overview

Milk and dairy products contain significant amounts of nutrients that contribute to optimal health – nutrients like calcium, vitamin D, and high-quality protein. Fermented milk or dairy products are foods that have been fermented with certain bacteria. Yogurt is a fermented dairy product containing millions of beneficial bacteria. While dairy products contain significant amounts of nutrients, we do not know the impact of long-term supplementation of fermented (i.e., yogurt) or non-fermented (i.e., milk) dairy food consumption on bone health and the amount of fat and muscle mass in young adults.

The overall objective of this project is to examine how supplementation of fermented (yogurt) and non-fermented (milk) dairy products may impact osteoporosis and body composition in Canadians aged 19-30.

What Will the Research Team Do?

Using a randomized controlled trial design, the team will measure bone health parameters, hormonal indices related to bone metabolism, body composition, and the number and composition of bacteria living in the gastrointestinal tract.

The objectives of this project are to:

  1. Examine the effects of milk and yogurt supplementation on bone density and other bone health metrics including turnover and hormones linked to bone metabolism.
  2. Assess the effects of milk and yogurt supplementation on body composition, including body fat and lean tissue mass.
  3. Examine the effects of milk and yogurt supplementation on gut microbiota.

Principal Investigators

Hassan Vatanparast
University of Saskatchewan

Sandra Clarke
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canad


Adam Baxter Jones
University of Saskatchewan

Phil Chilibeck
University of Saskatchewan

Marta Erlandson
University of Saskatchewan

Walter Siquiera
University of Saskatchewan

Key Words

  • Supplementation, yogurt, dairy, bone health, obesity

Period: 2023-2028
Budget: $902,000

Last Updated: July 04, 2024

Funding Partners