Lactalis Canada’s Balderson Cheese Adds DFC’s Iconic Blue Cow Logo

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Partnership comes as the historic cheese brand celebrates its 140th anniversary.

October 5, 2021 (Ottawa) – Dairy Farmers of Canada (DFC) and Lactalis Canada are pleased to announce that DFC’s iconic Blue Cow logo will appear on Balderson cheese products as the brand celebrates 140years of Canadian heritage this year. In adopting the Blue Cow logo on this historic and beloved brand, Lactalis Canada is helping consumers recognize products made with 100% high-quality, nutritious Canadian milk, produced in accordance with some of the most stringent standards in the world.

“The Blue Cow is widely recognized as a symbol of dairy farmers’ dedication and pride in producing 100% high-quality Canadian milk, and their high standards in the areas of animal care, food safety, milk quality and sustainable production,” said Pierre Lampron, President of Dairy Farmers of Canada. “Lactalis Canada’s decision to feature the logo on Balderson products as the brand celebrates this significant milestone speaks volumes about the trust consumers, processors and retailers have in our practices. We are thrilled to expand our partnership further.”

As one of the nation’s leading dairy processors, Lactalis Canada first began adopting the Blue Cow logo in 2018 and has since committed to rolling it out on hundreds of milk, cream, cheese and cultured products under the Lactantia, Beatrice, Black Diamond, Cracker Barrel, P’tit Quebec, Astro and Stonyfield yogourt brands. With Balderson joining this line up, the Blue Cow will appear on over 40 additional products starting in the Spring 2022.

“Lactalis Canada is thrilled to once again partner with the Dairy Farmers of Canada on the Blue Cow logo initiative – this time with the adoption of the logo by the famed Balderson cheese brand,” said Vince Vetere, General Manager, Cheese & Tablespreads at Lactalis Canada. “For 140 years, Canadians have shown a great love for Balderson cheese and the adoption of the Blue Clow logo further highlights the great Canadian pride we take in preserving the quality and craftmanship of this revered cheddar made with high-quality Canadian milk.”

Lactalis Canada will also feature the Blue Cow logo on the company’s digital advertising and in-store (point-of-sale) signage, as well as Balderson’s first national television media campaign beginning October 4 and aptly named “The Old Ways.” The campaign is a celebration of the brand’s enduring Canadian craftsmanship, centring around the notion that nothing ages as well as Balderson Cheese has over the last 140 years.

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