proAction progress report

The 2022 proAction Progress Report highlights the achievements and actions Canada’s dairy farmers have taken over the past year to ensure 100% Canadian milk is always safe, nutritious and high-quality.

The proAction® program provides a national quality assurance framework under which the nearly 10,000 dairy farmers in Canada demonstrate and document best practices in producing some of the safest, highest-quality milk on the planet.

The past year, Canadian dairy farmers announced a target of net-zero emissions by 2050. We are proud to be leaders in sustainability and this goal will build upon the many decades of conservation efforts that our dairy farmers have already made. proAction’s Environment module provides clear benchmarks in areas like enhancing soil health, protecting biodiversity and reducing our carbon footprint, and works in tandem with the other five modules to offer transparency and confidence to our consumers and partners in the dairy supply chain.

We are committed to continuing to evolve the program to reflect the latest science and best practices, and demonstrating to consumers how these standards are being applied to all dairy farms across Canada. On behalf of the proAction Committee and Canada's dairy farmers, DFC would like to thank everyone – including farmers, experts, researchers and industry partners – for their dedication, contributions and implementation of this program.

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