proAction and Sustainability Progress Report

The 2023 proAction® and Sustainability Progress Report highlights the achievements and actions Canada’s dairy farmers have taken over the past year to ensure 100% Canadian milk is always safe, nutritious and high-quality.

2023 marked the full completion of proAction’s 10-year implementation plan. You can find all the highlights from its roll out, as well as advances related to sustainability and our commitment to reach net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, in the newly released 2023 proAction and Sustainability Progress Report.

One of the principles behind all proAction modules – from milk quality, food safety, and animal care, to traceability, biosecurity, and the environment – is continuous improvement. In the 2023 Progress Report, you can read more about how these modules evolved over the last decade to incorporate new practices reflecting the latest research and technological advancements, as well as updates and highlights from the past year.

On behalf of the proAction Committee and Canada's dairy farmers, DFC would like to thank everyone – including farmers, experts, researchers and industry partners – for their dedication, contributions and implementation of this program.

2023 proaction and sustainability progress report

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