Sustainability means being here for tomorrow

Dairy farmers have always been stewards of the land, so sustainability comes naturally to us. See what it takes to be global leaders in sustainable farming today and what we mean when we say we’re here for tomorrow.


Our partners in sustainability are helping Canadian dairy farmers make impactful changes on the farm. The stories below are some examples of innovative sustainability projects being undertaken by dairy farmers with help from organizations like Tree Canada, Ducks Unlimited Canada and Cleanfarms.

Ducks Unlimited

Conserving Wetlands with Ducks Unlimited Canada

Visit Mary Ann's family farm in Ontario to see how she’s working to conserve wetlands with our partners at Ducks Unlimited Canada.

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Tree Canada

Promoting Biodiversity with Tree Canada

Visit Holger’s family dairy farm in British Columbia to see how his family has been furthering biodiversity in their region by planting trees with support from Tree Canada.

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Reducing Plastics with Cleanfarms

Visit Christian on his family farm in Quebec to see how he’s reducing plastic waste through innovative recycling programs with Cleanfarms.

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Funding Dairy Research

Funding Dairy Research

The Canadian dairy sector has always been a global leader in research and innovation, supporting a wide range of research projects in dairy farming as well as human nutrition and health. The research we support contributes to the development of new best practices in animal handling, sustainable farming, nutrition and health, and improving knowledge of the health benefits of milk and dairy products.

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AITC students

Agriculture in the Classroom Canada

Canadian dairy farmers know the importance of educating the next generation of Canadians about sustainable agriculture. And the future of agri-food? It’s in the hands of students—our next generation of leaders. In collaboration with Agriculture in the Classroom Canada, DFC is awarding the Here For Tomorrow Scholarship, encouraging students to reflect on how their skills can translate into diverse career options in sustainable agriculture.

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Canada Biogas

Canadian Biogas Association

Some dairy farms are capitalizing on biomethanization technology, which allows them to convert manure and other organic matter into green energy and fertilizer. We’re working with the Canadian Biogas Association to further explore this potential, so that dairy farmers can contribute to green energy solutions while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.