Dairy Farmers of Tomorrow

Guess what. The future of farming is now. The next generation of farmers is forward-thinking, innovative, and ready to integrate cutting-edge practices to help develop a better dairy destiny.

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A Greener Future


Biodigesters turn poop into power. They reduce methane emissions from cow manure up to 60% and manure odours up to 90%. Cowadunga! 

Cows and Carbon

The carbon footprint of 1 litre of Canadian milk is less than half the global average. Sounds like we’re the cream of the crop. 

The Truth About Emissions

Less than 1% of Canada’s total GHG emissions come from dairy farms. 

Five-Year Progress

We reduced our carbon footprint by 7% in just 5 years (2011-2016) and we’re not stopping there. 

See how the next generation of Canadian dairy farmers are paving the way for a better future by implementing sustainable farming practices. Their standards for animal care and product quality are among the highest in the world.
An illustrated bottle of milk with a “rBST FREE” label and wearing a crown.

The Highest Degree of Dairy

Canadian milk standards are the real deal. They’re among the highest on the planet, which means Canadian dairy farmers are committed to delivering nothing but the best. In taste. In food safety. In quality. With no artificial growth hormones. See how we’re doing great things with dairy.

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Creature Comforts

When it comes to dairy farming, every farmer knows cow comfort is key. That’s why we’re committed to the highest standards of animal care every single day. As farmers often say, “healthy cows, happy dairy farmers”.

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