Holiday baking for kids: Gingerbread snowflake cookies

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Looking for things to do with the kids this weekend or over the holidays? Bake these easy gingerbread cookies that are as fun to make and decorate as they are to eat! With an easy-to-follow printable instructions and a creative story activity to pass the time as the dough rests, this is a holiday activity the whole family can enjoy.

By DFC - PLC, Communications Team
Gingerbread cookies: a Christmas baking activity for kids

For many families, baking over the holidays is a cherished tradition. And though kids love homemade cookies, what makes them even more delicious is when they’ve had a hand in making them.

Cooking together is an exciting way to let your kids be creative while getting more familiar around the kitchen. Why not set them up with skills for life? It’s fun and simple. Grab a delicious recipe, like our activity kit for making Gingerbread snowflakes, and enjoy some quality time together in the kitchen. Making and enjoying food is one life’s simple pleasures.

Gingerbread snowflake cookies kids’ activity kit

Everyone loves a classic holiday recipe like gingerbread cookies. Whether your kids are first-time bakers or starting to know their way around the kitchen, this recipe is easy to follow and fun to make. Plus, while the dough rests, you can create your own unique snow-themed tale with a funny fill-in story called The lovely oddball snowman.  

Download the activity kit

More fun for the family

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