How to get your free 2020 Milk Calendar


Every year, the Milk Calendar offers up delicious recipes made with local ingredients, like Canadian milk. This year get a taste of 14 mouth-watering recipes from Canada’s most beloved chefs and foodies, and explore the trending dishes that keep Canadians wanting more.

By DFC - PLC, Communications Team
Le Calendrier du lait 2020

Inspired by simple and delicious ingredients

For the 2020 edition, the Milk Calendar looks to culinary veterans for inspiration, including Afrim Pristine, Vikram Vij, David Rocco, Abbey Sharp, Brad Long, Emily Richards, and Anna Olson. From elevating everyday eats to cooking with the seasons, celebrate how local ingredients come together to create the most tantalizing dishes with the 2020 Milk Calendar. Download the digital edition and whip up something tasty today.

Explore the recipes from previous editions

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