Milk and cookies for Santa: Why not try something new?


Every year, Santa’s cross-Canada Christmas tour leaves him craving something creamy and sweet. Whether you’ve been naughty or nice, this holiday season is your chance to win him over with delicious Canadian treats that’ll have him coming back for more.

By DFC - PLC, Communications Team
Milk and cookies for Santa

Does Santa have a favourite snack?

Santa isn’t especially picky, but he sure loves Canadian milk (he even gets it delivered to his house all year round!). We’ll tell you why: not only is it delivered quickly (obviously, because Canada is so close to the North Pole), but Canadian milk is quality stuff. Canadian dairy farmers work hard to make Canadian milk the best it can be – and when it comes to Mr. and Mrs. Claus, goodness just doesn’t go unnoticed.

How much Canadian milk does Santa drink on Christmas Eve?

When Santa’s lugging a big bag of gifts across the country, it’s no surprise he turns to milk and cookies—what’s a better way to warm the body and soul than freshly baked desserts, with a glass of refreshing Canadian milk to wash it all down? Given that there are 12.4 million households in Canada coast to coast, it’s safe to say Santa stays very well-hydrated on Christmas Eve. One glass of milk for each Canadian home amounts to over 2.9 million litres of milk. Luckily for him, his milk moustache blends in with his snow-white beard.

How can I ensure Santa visits my home?

Canadian milk and cookies can do the trick, but Santa also loves regional treats. As you plan your holiday baking, why not whip up something different for Santa while you’re at it? Here are a few delicious options he’s been known to enjoy – with a glass of Canadian milk of course!

  • If you’re in Prince Edward Island, pamper him with a Little Plum Pudding. Santa won’t be leaving any crumbs behind this year.
  • If you’re in Quebec, shower him with love and Sugar Pie featuring maple syrup as well as Canadian cream and butter for some real Canadian goodness. Bon appétit!
  • If you’re in Ontario, bestow upon him the gift of Butter Tarts, whose buttery chocolatey crust pairs perfectly with its vanilla-walnut filling.
  • If you’re in British Columbia, guarantee a spot on his “nice” list with a slice of Nanaimo Bar Pie. Who doesn’t love when two deliciously tempting desserts become one?

For more ideas, get some dessert inspiration. Happy holidays!