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Dragon Boat Festival Cookies

Delight in these adorable Dragon Boat Festival Cookies! These Zongzi-shaped butter cookies blend traditional charm with buttery goodness. Perfect for any celebration!

By Lucy Li, Content Creator @smileey.lucy
  • Prep: 25 minutes
  • Cooking: 45 minutes
Yields 1 dozen cookies
Dragon Boat Festival Cookies


  • 65g (1/4 cup) Canadian butter
  • 26g powdered sugar (1/4 cup)
  • 20g egg (lightly beaten)
  • 1g salt
  • 105g (4/3 cup) low-gluten flour
  • 1-2g matcha powder
  • 0.5-1g cocoa powder
  • A little chocolate pen, for facial decorations (optional)
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Soften the Canadian butter at room temperature, add powdered sugar salt, and egg. Mix smoothly with a spatula.

Sift in the low-gluten flour. Mix roughly with a spatula, then knead into a dough wearing gloves.

Take 20g of dough and add cocoa powder and take 60g of dough and add matcha powder. Knead well, wrap in plastic wrap, and refrigerate.

Divide the plain dough into 12 portions, and shape them into balls. Use a spatula to adjust the shape into a rounded, triangular prism shape.

Flatten the matcha-flavored dough, slice it into strips, and loop around the triangle.

Make ropes with the chocolate-colored dough and loop on the outside.

Refrigerate for fifteen minutes before baking.

Place in a preheated oven at 300 F (150 Celsius) for 35-45 minutes (cover with foil if the oven temperature is too high).

[Optional] Melt the chocolate pen over hot water, squeeze out a little, use a toothpick to pick out and draw eyes and mouth.

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