Canadian dairy farmers support sustainability on farms with innovative pilot projects

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Dairy Farmers of Canada (DFC) highlights real stories of dairy farmers and impactful projects currently underway on select Canadian farms through its Here For Tomorrow and Hey Dairy Farmer – Sustainability campaigns

By DFC - PLC, Communications Team


  • Canadian dairy farmers are committed to protecting, preserving and improving their land over time, and many are implementing new strategies that support sustainability.
  • Dairy Farmers of Canada’s (DFC) Here For Tomorrow platform showcases as a movement towards more sustainable practices.

As global leaders in sustainable farming, Canadian dairy farmers are naturally committed to protecting, preserving and improving their land over time, and many farmers are already implementing strategies that promote biodiversity, reduce waste and conserve wetlands. To further amplify its Here For Tomorrow platform and associated partnerships, Dairy Farmers of Canada (DFC) has launched an engaging sustainability-focused campaign on January 24 to highlight these exciting stories. Here For Tomorrow showcases as a movement towards even more sustainable practices, ensuring the actions of today have a positive impact tomorrow.

DFC’s commitment to sustainability is also detailed in a separate TV campaign called Hey Dairy Farmer - Sustainability, which launches in parallel.

The following stories are inspiring examples of the innovative pilot projects being undertaken by select dairy farmers in collaboration with organizations like Tree Canada, Cleanfarms, and Ducks Unlimited Canada to further sustainability on Canadian farms.

Promoting Biodiversity with Tree Canada

Holger & His Son Mark
British Columbia

Tree Canada

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We, us, the farm, the family, we’re all part of a larger system. The farm isn’t separate from our environment.
Holger, a dairy farmer from British-Columbia

In the 1960s, Holger’s family began planting maple trees along the driveway. Now, the family has planted acres of trees on their land, supporting biodiversity and creating new habitats in the area. With help from Tree Canada, their planting projects continue, and so does the positive environmental impact they have seen.

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Reducing Plastics with Cleanfarms



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We are taking real steps to be sustainable. That’s how we’ll keep the land clean, so the next generation will be able to live and farm here like we do.
Christian, a dairy farmer from Québec

One year ago, Christian began working with Cleanfarms to reduce the plastic waste on his farm, which had accumulated from feed storage and other farming practices. Now, Christian has reduced the volume of his farm’s plastic waste by more than half, recycling plastics as close to home as possible.

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Conserving Wetlands with Ducks Unlimited Canada

Mary Ann & Her Dad James

Ducks Unlimited

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Farming is a long game. Even small changes now will make huge differences tomorrow.
Mary Ann, a dairy farmer from Ontario

Farming with the environment in mind has been valued by the family for generations. With Ducks Unlimited Canada, the family has been able to restore the wetlands on their farm, helping to prevent topsoil erosion, manage water and preserve the natural habitat. Now, the family is planting even more plants, shrubs, and trees to increase biodiversity.

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Each farmer story featured in the Here For Tomorrow campaign demonstrates initiatives that are being implemented by dairy farmers to support and advance sustainability on farms. DFC’s collaboration with forward-thinking organizations, including Tree Canada, Cleanfarms, and Ducks Unlimited Canada will further solidify the sector’s long-standing commitment to creating a more sustainable tomorrow.

David Lauer, Assistant Director of Communications
Dairy Farmers of Canada
[email protected] / 343-809-0387

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