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Milk Quality

High-quality milk starts with high-quality farming practices and healthy, well-cared-for cows. From there, processors turn the milk into the consumable dairy products we all know and love. Read on to find out what makes Canadian milk and dairy some of the best in the world.

Quality Milk

It starts with animal care

It's a simple truth that healthy, well-cared-for cows produce more – and higher-quality – milk. So farmers have every incentive to take great care of their herd. That's on top of the high standards for animal care that all Canadian dairy farmers hold themselves to. The bottom line is that every day, on every Canadian dairy farm, every cow is monitored, milked, and attended to as needed.

Beyond that, there's a lot more that goes into how we care for our cows, starting with what we feed them.

What we feed our cows

A key factor in producing high-quality milk and maintaining healthy animals is a good, well-balanced diet. Farmers work with cow nutrition experts  to evaluate the nutritional value of crops used on the farm. They'll then recommend, if needed, healthy additives like vitamins, minerals, and other  supplements to ensure cows enjoy a well-balanced diet that supports their nutritional needs.

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What's in Our Milk

Are there any additives or preservatives in Canadian milk?

Canadian milk does not contain any preservatives. The only additives to white milk are Vitamins A and D, as required by law. Otherwise, the only ingredient is 100% quality Canadian milk from our cows!

Should we be worried about antibiotics in Canadian milk?

No. There are several checks and balances in place on the farm and at the processing plant. The plant tests every milk truck load before they accept it. This means no trace of antibiotics were detected in the milk we drink! Even if, on the farm, a veterinarian may prescribe antibiotics for a dairy cow that requires treatment. Because that cow’s milk is separated from the rest of the herd’s milk and discarded until it is healthy and a bit of time after.

Are there artificial hormones in Canadian milk?

No. The use of artificial growth hormones (including rbST) in dairy cows is strictly prohibited in Canada. So look for the Blue Cow logo  to find quality Canadian dairy.

Quality Canadian Milk Facts

100% Quality Canadian Milk
0% Artificial growth hormones

Quality in, Quality Out

We may be biased, but we think Canadian milk is the highest quality milk in the world. And it's that same milk that goes into making the Canadian butter, cheese, and other dairy products that we all consume. We put a love of passion into the dairy we produce, and we stand by it. So next time you're at the store, look for the Blue Cow Logo and taste the quality without compromise. 

What’s next?

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