Look For The Blue Cow Quality MIlk Logo

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Perhaps you’ve spotted our logo on cartons of milk, cheese, yogurt, and ice cream tubs, or even when enjoying a snack or meal on the go. We’re proud to display it and we think you’ll love the reasons why.

By DFC - PLC, Communications Team
Divers produits laitiers canadiens abordant le logo de la vache bleue.

What does the Blue Cow Quality Milk logo stand for?

It’s simple. When you see the Dairy Farmers of Canada Quality Milk logo with the blue cow, it means you’re holding a product that’s made with 100% Canadian milk and milk ingredients.

Let’s say you buy cheese that bears the logo. That cheese is made with 100% Canadian milk. Not some other stuff.

Or, let’s say you’re at the movies ordering popcorn (with real butter, obviously) and you spot the logo. It means that tasty butter drizzled on your popcorn is made with 100% Canadian milk.

Why should you choose products made with Canadian milk?

When you buy foods that feature the Blue Cow Quality Milk logo, you’re getting a quality product that supports Canadian farmers and local businesses, like cheesemakers and ice cream artisans.

Plus, Canadian milk is amazing. How do we know that? We have strict standards for producing milk in Canada. It’s what we’re most proud of. These standards affect how we take care of our animals as well as safety and quality of our milk. We are also proud of what we do to improve the sustainability of our practices.

We produce milk the Canadian way because we’re in this for the long haul. We believe in contributing to a food system that’s accessible and sustainable – one that can provide Canadians with nutritious and delicious dairy products for many generations to come.

On what type of products can you find the Blue Cow Quality Milk logo?

It’s on all kinds of good stuff. You might notice it on the packaging for Canadian butter, yogurt, cream, milk, cheese, and ice cream at your grocery store or your favorite cheese shop.

And, you might spot it at some of your regular hangouts, from your morning coffee run to grabbing a snack at your local ice cream shop.

Just look for the Blue Cow logo to enjoy all the delicious things Canadian milk can do!

A variety of Canadian dairy products featuring the Dairy Farmers of Canada Blue Cow logo