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Regenerative Agriculture in Canadian Dairy

Corporate Article DFC - PLC

Discover how regenerative agriculture is revolutionizing farming practices in Canada, enhancing soil health, biodiversity, and resilience. Explore key principles and techniques for sustainable farming.

Plastic recycling solutions with Cleanfarms

Corporate Article DFC - PLC

There are so many different ways Canadian dairy farmers are working to create a more sustainable future. Check out our animation series where we explore just one of them: recycling agricultural plastics with Cleanfarms.

What supply management means for Canadians

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Supply management is a sustainable agricultural system that provides peace of mind to farmers and consumers. Find out what it means for Canadians.

Protecting Soil and Conserving Water

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Canadian dairy farms protect soil and conserve water by minimizing tillage, cover crops, rotational grazing, wetland conservation and riparian zones.

Introducing The Green Pursuit Nominees

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Introducing the top ten nominees in The Green Pursuit: A Sustainability & Innovation Challenge, proudly sponsored by Dairy Farmers of Canada and Bioenterprise.