Dairy Farmers of Tomorrow

In order to deliver the highest quality products, the next generation of Canadian farmers is committed to meeting some of the highest standards on the entire planet. That means 100% Canadian milk all the way from the farm to your fridge.

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The Highest Degree of Dairy

All About Antibiotics

If a cow is feeling unwell, our farmers’ vets may prescribe antibiotics. But high standards in sampling and testing both at the farm and the processing facility ensure milk that hits the shelves has tested negative for traces of antibiotics. On the rare occasion where it could, the whole truckload is rejected before it ever enters the processing facility.

Hasta La Vista, Hormones

100% of Canadian milk comes from Canadian cows. And in Canada, rbST is not allowed. Health Canada has never approved artificial growth hormones and made its stance public in 1999. 

Feel-Good Farming

Canadian dairy farmers don't just talk the talk – they do things the right way every day. That's why they adhere to the proAction program, with specific targets for monitoring risks, meeting milk quality standards, and high standards for farm animals too.  

See how the next generation of Canadian dairy farmers are paving the way for a better future by implementing sustainable farming practices. Their standards for animal care and product quality are among the highest in the world.
Cow manure is seen running through a blue door. It appears to come out another door having transformed into fertilizer.

A Greener Future

Canadian dairy farmers milk cows and care for them too. But they care just as much about the environment. Our farmers know just how important it is to respect the land, water, and air that makes this country so beautiful. See how they’re incorporating future-friendly practices on their farms.

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Creature Comforts

When it comes to dairy farming, every farmer knows cow comfort is key. That’s why we’re committed to the highest standards of animal care every single day. As farmers often say, “healthy cows, happy dairy farmers”.

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