Santa behind the bar: Creating his 3 favourite holiday drinks


Off the sleigh and behind the bar, Santa shows us how he makes his 3 favourite holiday drinks. It’s hard to believe how easy they are to assemble, so here’s a video for proof.

  • 1. Cranberry & Bocconcini gin tonic

    3 Cranberry & bocconcini gin tonics in glasses on top of serving tray

    Ho ho hold up—does the perfect holiday-spin on a gin and tonic exist? It sure does. In this cocktail, you’ll love how the tart and refreshing flavours of cranberry and cucumber are accented by the creamy texture of Canadian Bocconcini.

  • 2. Festive Marscapone float

    3 glasses of festive marscapone float

    Jingle all the way to a flavour burst with this drink—a wonderful twist to the classic float. Fruity flavours and velvety Canadian Mascarpone are the major players in this recipe (and our taste buds are giving them a perfect score!)


  • 3. Eggnog Alexander

    Eggnog in glasses with cinnamon sticks

    When the weather outside is frightful, Santa recommends that you treat yourself to this luxurious beverage. Eggnog and crème de cacao bring a wonderfully sweet and creamy presence to this drink—perfectly enhanced by the warm flavour of nutmeg.

  • 4. BONUS: More Festive Cocktails!

    Café Moooka Martini

    In case Santa's favourites didn't get your taste buds tingling, check out these delicious cocktails featuring 100% Canadian Milk and milk products!