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Frozen Milk: Your Guide to Freezing & Storing Milk

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Yes, milk can be frozen! And it's best when consumed within 3 days of opening. Learn more tips for how to store milk and keep it fresh, from the store to home.

UHT milk: A hot topic

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Ever wondered why some milk products don’t require refrigeration prior to opening? Get the facts about Ultra-High Temperature milk here.

Milk And Cookies Tower

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Want to make an impressive dessert in no time? Try out this fun milk and cookie tower - experiment with chocolate, strawberry, or regular milk. Regardless of milk flavour, we can all agree it's always best paired with homemade cookies!

The basics: how to heat up milk

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Here are some easy methods that take you through how to warm up milk for best results.

Super Milk

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This is the Super Milk recipe.

British Tea with Milk

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It's tea time! Throw your own afternoon tea party with our selection of teatime treats, from delicious tea sandwiches to the perfect cuppa!

Ginger Milk Curd Dessert

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Enjoy a delightful Asian dessert with our Ginger Milk Curd recipe. Smooth, silky texture with a hint of ginger warmth. Perfect for any occasion!

Milk Bread Rolls

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The perfect side dish for any meal, these heavenly dinner rolls made with Canadian Milk are soft, tender and buttery.

How to get your free 2022 Milk Calendar

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To commemorate the 45th edition of the iconic Milk Calendar, 17 past recipes were selected and refreshed with unexpected twists.