5 simple ways to unwind after the holidays

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Relax, the holidays are over! You can finally slow down and take some time for yourself. These five simple ways to unwind will give your mind and body a much-needed break.

By DFC - PLC, Communications Team
Warding the winter blues with a warm latte

It’s time to take care of you 

Now that the gifts are unwrapped, the tree is down (maybe!), it feels good to be done with the many responsibilities and commitments of the holiday season. But as the new year begins, winter blues can set in. Although the cold winter weather may not be quite as charming without the glow of all the holiday lights and decorations , there are things you can do to focus on wellness this winter. 

Taking in life’s simple pleasures can have a big impact on your state of mind. And the best part? These five simple ways to unwind are just that – truly simple. You already have everything you need to incorporate these practices into your daily or weekly routine. 

Walk it off

Sounds simple right? It is. The hardest part is getting yourself bundled up and out the door, but once you do it’s worth every step. Walking has so many benefits. It’s a good way to help clear your mind, exercise your body, be present in the moment (leave your phone in your pocket or at home), get fresh air, and Vitamin D (yes, even in the winter). Take the dog, go for a stroll with a friend, or take some time for yourself to put your best foot forward this year. 

Enjoy a warm drink

The sound of a kettle whistling or coffee percolating is comforting, and cradling a warm mug in your hands is so soothing. A hot cup of cocoa, coffee or tea does wonders to calm your mind, lift your spirits and warm up your insides, and small sips force to you to take it slow and enjoy. Skip the trip to the coffee shop and cost of expensive specialty drinks and learn to make the perfect latte right at home. Why not treat yourself to this simple pleasure every day? More Home Café Recipes here!

Soak it in

A home spa day can be therapeutic, and soaking in a tub of hot water helps relax your muscles and ease your mind. There are few other times where we allow ourselves to be so still it’s almost meditative. So, run the water, whip  up a simple face mask, add some bath oils or salts, and give yourself a little TLC. A little winter wellness can only do you good.

Curl up with a good book

Why wait for a vacation to dive into a good book? Reading is a great way to escape without the cost of a plane ticket. It can stimulate your mind and memory, and build your vocabulary – all while you’re enjoying a good story. Whether you like a thrilling page turner, interesting biography, or want to expand your knowledge with non-fiction, losing yourself in a book can be restorative. Save money buying books by heading to the library or by borrowing their ebooks.

Get cooking

When you’re not rushing to prep for a family gathering, cooking can be a very relaxing activity. Now that your holiday baking is done and no family dinners ahead for a good while, take a little time to make a recipe you’ve been wanting to try, think comforting soups or batch up some meals you can freeze for later (which will be one less thing on your plate when things get busy). Put on your favourite tunes, grab an apron, and whip up a little ‘me’ time. 


Sometimes life’s simplest pleasures are just what the doctor ordered to reduce stress, relax, and unwind. And that’s a prescription that’s easy to follow. 

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