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Summer Borscht  

Consumer Recipe

Celebrate the summer bounty with a hearty bowl of borscht that’s just as delicious on a cold winter’s day.

Cheesy Cauliflower Nachos

Consumer Recipe

Who would have thought a lighter take on the classic nachos recipe could be this delicious? Savour these crunchy, baked cauliflower florets, which are marinated in a well-balanced spice mix for extra tastiness, and served with a creamy dip made with Canadian sour cream.

Is milk only good for calves?

Consumer Question

Humans are omnivores, which means we are naturally able to eat all sorts of different plant and animal foods. We can derive great benefits from the high nutrient richness and availability of milk and milk products.

Steak & Pommes Aligot

Consumer Recipe

Have your steak and eat it too! Treat yourself to a sizzling butter-basted steak paired with a cheesy pommes aligot.

World Milk Day highlights progress on sustainability

Corporate Article Pierre Lampron

World Milk Day on June 1st is a global initiative that recognizes the importance of the dairy industry worldwide and the hard work by dairy farmers to produce healthy and nutritious milk.